A New Family Community is Coming Soon!

A New Family Community is Coming Soon!

Got family? Of course you do! And if you are like most modern families, your nearest and dearest are scattered all over the place. We are preparing an online gathering place for scattered family members to call “home.” Here are just some of the features we will be offering:

  • A unique family oriented network offering a safe and secure environment for all your family’s shared memories, future events and news.
  • Your fascinating family history in a clear, friendly and easy to use package.
  • Family Recipes, photo albums, event planners and news pages.
  • Your own private family web site.
  • A shared blog and user forums with regular contributions from our team of experts.

Keep an eye on this space for further updates and plans to launch. We look forward to having you as a member of our family community!

Heather Feuerhelm

Heather has more than 30 years of administrative and desktop publishing experience. She created her first website in 1995 and never looked back. She came late to genealogy, when her father's cousin sent her all her notes on the Larlees (her dad's line) in 2001. Website design and genealogy are now her two favorite interests. Heather is the principal owner of Uniquely Yours Web Services, a web hosting and design company specializing in genealogical sites. She also happens to be her family's storyteller. Her genealogy site is The Larlee Genealogy.

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